I will (absolutely) be the first to tell you that the subject of Social Security Disability is not a riveting page turner. SSA benefits are not a subject that would keep you  up at night,  wondering about the next exciting chapter and what is going to happen to our lead character.

But when that lead character is you, the story changes a bit. As the old saying goes, 'knowledge is power'.

Here's the situation:

If you are found  disabled under the Social Security Administration's rules, and the date you became disabled is prior to the date you accepted "early" retirement, you could be eligible for a disability benefit that is significantly higher than your age 62 early retirement benefit.  The difference is 25% in most cases.   Moreover, that 25% difference is payable to you for the rest of your life

I'm not advocating that the average Joe or Jane runs right out when they are 65 and nine months old and files for disability. But if you have been forced to quit working due to a physical or mental impairment- it is certainly a conversation that needs to be had.  

If you were living off of $1200 a month for the rest of your life, and someone offered you $1600 instead.......Well- the decision is pretty easy to make!