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Our Comprehensive Trial Consulting Services

We offer case support to other attorneys in addition to helping our own clients. Matt has been a trial consultant in dozens of cases and multiple trials. As a lawyer, he can also appear in your case and provide hands on support that most jury consultants cannot.

Services We Offer

Some of these services include:

  • Running focus groups
  • Writing openings
  • Developing case themes
  • Conducting voir dire
  • Writing opening statements
  • Consulting at trial

Exhibits, Videos And Visuals

We have the experience and technical expertise to meet all of your exhibit prep and audiovisual needs, including:

  • 3-D animations
  • Boards, timelines, and other exhibits
  • Powerpoint presentations for opening, closing, or witnesses
  • Online settlement presentations
  • Day in the life videos

Trial Strategies And Mediation Consulting

Matt Schad’s trial career has now spanned more than two decades. Matt’s philosophy? Creativity and expertise are the key to telling every client’s story – and the story is paramount to any winning strategy.

3D Animation And Matchmoving

There are few presentation methods that tell your client’s story better than 3D imagery and animation.  3D has the power to make complicated concepts simple, providing your story a medium that is understandable to every viewer. Our in-house graphics department has over 20 years of experience creating the imagery needed for Matt’s winning strategies. We’ve included here several types of work we can provide to your clients. The possibilities are endless.

Graphic Design Services

Despite our fascination with the “latest and greatest,” we realize that many times the tried and true methods of simple boards, presentation programs, and static images are the best way to present a case. For representations and samples of our Powerpoint and other presentations from the last decade or so, just contact us using the form below.

Online Settlement Videos & Web Pages

We prepare cutting edge online websites to help settle cases. In our practice for our own client, we’ve found this the perfect medium for combining text, video, photos, and animation in a format that’s easily distributable to your adversaries in advance of mediation or settlement conferences. The formats follow our tried and true storytelling formula. We are constantly tweaking to be better communicators and visual story tellers. Here are a few examples of our work.