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Toxic Exposure To Chemicals Causes Serious Health Issues

Every day, people are exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace, at home, and from the environment. Big corporations responsible for these dangers deny responsibility for decades, even when they know full well that their products can poison and kill.

Examples Of Harmful Situations

  • A landlord sprays pesticides inside of an apartment containing children.
  • A contractor cuts corners using formaldehyde treated wood in a deck.
  • A factory pumps cancer causing pollutants into ground water close to a subdivision.

Skilled Representation Against Huge Corporations

At Schad Law, we represent the victims of toxic exposure against these powerful interests. Matt Schad has handled pesticide poisoning, mold toxicity, asbestos exposure, arsenic treated wood, dry cleaner contamination, brain damage in children caused by lead paint, and many other challenging and complex cases. These cases are often a special type of lawsuit brought against the manufacturer or supplier of a chemical product. The cases are difficult and costly to prove because they require expert testimony from numerous medical and scientific experts. We also assist people who are victims of defective products that caused serious injury.

Matt has been successful in obtaining six, seven, and even eight figure settlements and verdicts for several of his injured clients. Call Schad Law to discuss your situation at 812-671-9547.