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Honest, Helpful Representation In Social Security Disability Claims

When you seek help in a disability claim, there are two main things that you should look for: someone who will truly fight for your rights and someone who will do that as quickly as they can. Your Social Security Disability (SSD) is too important and probably too urgent to risk working with an inexperienced or inefficient team of lawyers. You need someone to get the job done, to do it quickly and to take good care of you along the way.

Since 1973, Schad Law, has helped thousands of deserving individuals obtain the Social Security benefits they need. Our team of attorneys has more than 150 combined years of experience, much of which has been focused on SSD claims. We know the system, so in most cases, we can get our clients their benefits quickly.


Types Of Disability Claims We Handle

Social Security offers two separate programs for disability.

1. Retirement, Survivors And Disability Insurance

This is the program that most people refer to as “Disability,” “DIB” or “RSDI” benefits. Many people mistakenly believe they are automatically eligible to receive a benefit from the government  just because they have worked. While this is generally true, the key word about the disability insurance program is that it is actually insurance. Your insurance premiums are paid based on a combination of how much you have worked and, more importantly, when.

Consistent employment is the key to maximizing your benefits. Someone who has worked consistently for the past five years will (generally) remain eligible for disability benefits for five years from the year they last worked. People who have not worked for the last five years (but worked regularly before that) will have less than five years of eligibility. If you can prove that you became disabled in the eligibility period, your benefits continue from your ‘onset date’ until you reach retirement age or are well enough to work again.

2. Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income, commonly referred to as “SSI,” is a needs-based program whose eligibility is determined by the amount of income that comes into your household on a monthly basis.

The Help You Need

You don’t have to be a legal expert. That’s our job! At our first meeting, we will discuss every possible type of disability for which you might apply, and make sure that you will get as much as possible from the Social Security Administration.


Personalized Care Through The Process

In addition to our experience and professionalism, we take a personal interest in our clients’ cases. When we sit down with you to evaluate your case, we will ask the hard questions that need to be asked. Before a contract is signed, you will know why we are taking the case and what our theory is. We do not take cases because you have a pretty good chance. We take cases in which we have reviewed the records and can confidently say “Yes! We will fight for you.”


We believe that if you are going to patronize us with your business and your time, you deserve a firm idea of exactly what we will be doing, and you deserve our very best advocacy on your behalf.

At Schad Law, we handle every case in a one-on-one manner. While we have handled thousands of Social Security claims over the years, we are constantly reminded that every claim and every person is different. Despite our appearance as a large, successful law firm, we are actually a small office. This allows us to act quickly. We’re technology-oriented, and we’re always seeking ways that we can serve our clients better and faster.

Call us today in New Albany at 812-671-9547 or email us to get your case started. We do not charge our clients anything until we get them the benefits they are seeking.

We are available 24/7.