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If You Have Been Hurt By A Product You Purchased

In our American economic system, we are supposed to be protected from dangerous products in the marketplace. Those who design, manufacture and sell these products are supposed to be responsible for making sure these products are safe and that consumers are warned about any dangers in using these products. However, it is common for popular consumer products to be dangerously faulty, poorly designed, poorly manufactured or without adequate warning of their dangers. When this happens, innocent people get hurt.

That’s where we come in.

At Schad Law, we fight to bring justice and financial compensation to clients who have been hurt by dangerous products. We are a local law firm. From our New Albany office, our lawyers take pride in representing our southern Indiana (“Kentuckiana”) neighbors in challenging legal cases against major manufacturers, designers and retailers. Get the help you need.

We Will Not Back Down

In many product liability cases, major corporations and their lawyers will do anything to avoid paying out on these claims. They know they have the financial ability to withstand major litigation, so they will delay the proceedings and do anything possible to make “the little guy” back down and accept a poor settlement offer.

We do not back down from major corporations in product liability claims. When our clients come to us with serious injuries, we will fight it out to the end on their behalf. Our attorneys prepare every case for trial litigation. We are ready for anything.

Product liability claims are not for the faint of heart. When push comes to shove, we stand up to major corporations until we get every penny a client’s case is worth.

We represent clients in cases involving accidents caused by:

  • Home improvement tools
  • Gardening and lawncare tools
  • Utilities
  • Kitchen items
  • Malfunctioning brakes, seat belts and other faulty automobile parts
  • Beauty and bathroom products
  • Dangerous medical devices

Anything you have purchased that has caused you serious injury could result in a successful product liability claim. You could obtain a significant financial compensation award. We also help people who have fallen victim to toxic chemical exposure and won eight-figure settlements for cases.

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