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Hurt By The Neglect Of Nursing Home Staff?

It is one of the most horrible things for a family to endure: Discovering that a beloved elderly relative has been harmed or neglected by the nursing home being paid to care of them. These instances of neglect can result in bed sores, serious illness, dehumanizing conditions and in the worst cases, death. You and your family deserve to be compensated.

At Schad Law, we represent those who have been victimized by nursing home neglect and abuse. Many of our cases come to us from concerned family members or from the victims themselves. Our attorneys have more than 150 years of combined legal experience helping injured parties and their families in New Albany and throughout southern Indiana, or, as we call it, “Kentuckiana.”

We bring all the technological advances and experience of a large, big-city law firm. However, we are not a large, big-city firm. We are all locals, representing our neighbors and friends in our local community. We create a warm, comfortable working environment and we care deeply for the outcomes of our clients’ cases.

What Options Do You Have?

After suffering serious injuries or losing someone you love from the neglect or intentional mistreatment at the hands of nursing home staff, your primary option is to bring a lawsuit and obtain compensation for the pain, loss and indignity you and your family have suffered.

Our lawyers handle nursing home cases that result from:

  • Understaffing: Too many nursing homes are drastically understaffed, making it almost impossible to provide adequate care for their residents.
  • Neglect: Because of understaffing and other causes, residents are often left without adequate nutrients, hygienic care or medical attention. This can result in bedsores, infections, dehydration and malnutrition, as well as falls and other injuries due to lack of supervision.
  • Intentional abuse: There are frequent reports of physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of the staff and caregivers in nursing homes. Another type of abuse is financial exploitation, when someone on the inside manipulates or coerces an elderly resident to give them money or include them in the resident’s estate plan.

Do not wait to talk with an attorney. If you contact us, we can help you fight back, protect your rights and obtain compensation for what you have suffered.

No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

There is no financial risk in talking to our attorneys because we won’t charge you anything until we win your case. You can fill out our simple online contact form or call us at 812-671-9547 to schedule a free consultation with our lawyers.

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