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Nancy Morris

Personal Injury Case Manager

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Nancy Morris has been with Schad and Schad since 2000. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Spalding University. Prior to “coming to the bright side”, she was a claims representative for State Farm insurance for 30 years. Nancy handled complex injury claims and was proud to have taken part in a large multi-company national litigation project.

At Schad and Schad, Nancy handles pre-litigation cases from the moment of signing contracts to the day a check is delivered to her clients’ hands. Her lifetime of experience in the insurance and legal industries gives her a unique perspective as she persistently advocates for our clients.

For those living on the first floor
of the Schad and Schad building, there are few things as enjoyable as hearing Nancy fight for what is right for our clients. She does not go quietly into that good night when her clients’ livelihoods are on the line!

Nancy spends her free time traveling the world. She has explored her families roots in Serbia, hiked and floated the Grand Canyon, calls Greece her second home- and has eaten well all along the way!