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Protecting Your Civil Rights

In the United States, our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, guarantees certain rights for all citizens. The government is not allowed to violate these rights. While these are important bedrock principles for our legal system, there are significant challenges with exercising these rights and freedoms. When the police or other powerful entities violate your rights, what are options? What can you do to redress the wrong and protect your essential rights as an American?

We can help. At Schad Law, our attorneys focus on helping clients with civil rights violations cases in New Albany and throughout southern Indiana. We have more than 150 years of combined legal experience and a track record of successful claims for our clients. Our service is a combination of high-tech efficiency and convenience with a personal, comfortable atmosphere. If your rights have been violated, our lawyers can help you obtain justice and compensation.

We Handle A Range Of Civil Rights Violations

We represent clients who have been victimized by:

  • Excessive use of police force: Especially in light of the recent, high-profile instances of police brutality and even murder, quite possibly motivated by racial hatred, it is more critical than ever to provide citizens with legal assistance in redressing these horrible wrongs. If you have been shot, beaten or otherwise abused by excessive use of police force, our attorneys can help you.
  • Unlawful search and seizure: Even if you are being arrested for a crime, you have rights and there are specific limited what the police can search or take from you. However, police often abuse these limits, which can result in property loss or even wrongful convictions based on illegally obtained evidence.
  • Denial of medical care: Doctors are required to provide medical care to patients in need, regardless of income, gender, race or other factors. Talk with us if you have been denied needed medical care. We can help you. We also represent medical malpractice cases.
  • Confinement: Medical and mental health institutions will occasionally confine patients against their will. This is illegal in almost every instance. Our lawyers will hold them accountable for the damages they caused you.

Every civil rights case is different, and not everything that looks like a civil rights case ends up having merit. If you think you might possibly have a case, the first thing to do it talk with our lawyers. We will explore the facts of your case in light of the relevant laws to determine whether you have a case and help you determine the next steps.

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