Dubois County crash kills teen passenger
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Dubois County crash kills teen passenger

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most experienced motorists in Indiana can probably remember what it was like to be a new driver (along with all the excitement that came with it). Those feelings likely make them more willing to show understanding to teen drivers as these new drivers make the inevitable mistakes inherent with learning a new skill.

The trouble is that those mistakes are often self-inflicted. Statistics show that teen motorists are more likely to engage in certain reckless behaviors (posing a threat not only to themselves but also to those on the road around them). Sadly, when that recklessness results in an accident, the consequences are often catastrophic.

Speeding teen causes Dubois County collision

This fact was on full display in a recent accident that occurred in Dubois County. Per the local CBS News affiliate, a teen driver transporting a passenger in his BMW approached a curve along US 231 at a rate of speed well in excess of the posted speed limit. He lost control of the vehicle, which slammed into an oncoming Hyundai Santa Fe before coming to rest in a nearby yard. A second vehicle traveling behind the Santa Fe also ended up becoming involved in the collision. While neither of the occupants of those two vehicles sustained serious injuries, the passenger of the BMW died in the collision.

Accountability for irresponsible actions

In the wake of car accidents such as this, accident victims and their families may feel reluctant to seek action against those who caused their collisions (as those parties were transporting them, indicating some kind of personal relationship). However, the financial outcomes of such an incident often leave them with little choice. In such a scenario, legal action assigns both accountabilities for a driver’s actions but also offers needed compensation.