What happened with Volvo’s seat belt recall?
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What happened with Volvo’s seat belt recall?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

Seat belts save lives, provided the work properly. When seat belts suffer from defects, they might not perform their job effectively. Even a minor seat belt design defect could result in a driver or passenger’s injuries. Manufacturers take great steps to make sure a model passes all required safety tests, including ones involving seat belts. Some defects still go undetected, meaning a dangerous vehicle could find its way to Indiana dealerships.

A top manufacturer issues a recall

Volvo issued a recall on 2021 and 2022 models, with the total number of recalled vehicles exceeding 19,000. Volvo notes that the problem lies with the seat belt retractor, making it difficult to secure a child safety seat in the passenger area properly.

A loose child safety seat could lead to terrible injuries in a collision. Parents who learn about the defect may wish to visit a dealership without delay.

Volvo’s brand name might suffer some negative feedback based on the recall news. Although Volvo may receive the most mentions in the less-than-desirable publicity, the seat belt parts come from a third-party supplier. Regardless, consumers need to know whether their specific Volvo model has such a potentially dangerous defect.

Product liability extends to car manufacturers

Manufacturers that release a defective product to the market could be responsible for any resulting injuries. A recall provides an admission something may be wrong with a particular product. And yes, the “product” could be a motor vehicle.

A recall might occur before anyone gets hurt, as seems to be the case with the Volvo recall. Sometimes, people suffer extreme injuries before the manufacturer even realizes a defect exists. If poor safety testing factored into releasing a dangerous vehicle, the manufacturer could face a serious product liability lawsuit.

The same could be true with any third-party vendors. Any entity associated with a defective product may be held liable.