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Pedestrian safety tips

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The number of pedestrian accidents in Indiana increases significantly during the summer months, and many times, the pedestrian is largely at fault for his or her injuries. Even when traffic is moving relatively slowly, pedestrian accidents of all types can be deadly. And those that occur on the side of the highway never end well as fatalities are very common when walkers or bicyclists are struck in high-speed road stretches. Exercising caution is always imperative when walking anywhere near a road, and here are a few safety tips for pedestrians to remember to avoid becoming a victim.

Staying in the crosswalk

The primary tip for all pedestrians is staying in the crosswalk and only crossing a roadway at a corner intersection. Crossing a road outside the designated walking lanes is actually a violation known as “jaywalking” that can result in citations as well as motor vehicle accidents.

Wear bright clothing

Clothing color can help a pedestrian be identified as well when walking near the road. This helps motorists see you when walking, and many Indiana attorneys who handle car accidents have found this to be a common factor in accident cases.

Stay on the proper side of the road

It is rarely a good decision to walk on the same side of the road in which traffic is flowing. It is much easier to see oncoming traffic, and it allows more time to get farther away from the road when needed.

While these three basic rules cannot always be utilized, anytime a pedestrian crosses the road, he or she should look in both directions multiple times to ensure that no traffic is near. In addition, waiting for a vehicle to pass is always the best decision when there is the potential to be struck. Safety first, last and always is the best personal pedestrian policy.