Consumer Product Safety Commission sues Amazon
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Consumer Product Safety Commission sues Amazon

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Uncategorized

Dangerous or defective products are a serious matter in Indiana and across the nation. The Consumer Protection Safety Commission keeps close tabs on bad products being sold both in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Not only are manufacturers liable when this happens, but sometimes even the retail outlets share in that responsibility when consumers are injured by products they purchase. One of the most recent cases regarding online sales is actually against online platform giant Amazon.

Buying products online

Many product purchasers are still wary of buying products online from a small manufacturer or sales outlet website. Most consumers choose to make transactions with established companies or physical store chains that maintain an online purchase portal. Amazon is easily the primary outlet in this category, and up until now, they have escaped being cited or sued by the CPSC. What is in question are product liability claims for flammable children’s pajamas, defective carbon monoxide detectors, and faulty hairdryers susceptible to catching fire while in use.

Amazon legal defense

Amazon has continually claimed since its existence that they are not liable for the viability of any product they sell on their online platform. Any injury claims for product liability should be directed to the original manufacturer. The CPSC now says that is an unacceptable policy even though Amazon attorneys are invoking the same defense as the stated company policy. In addition, they are particularly opposed to terming the attention being paid to the products as a “recall” of any type.

While Amazon has taken steps to remove the products from their platform, even though they have agreed with the product manufacturers to house their wares for shipment, this will not be a sufficient response if the CPSC continues on with the lawsuit.