Are you entitled to back pay for Social Security disability?
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Are you entitled to back pay for Social Security disability?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Social Security Disability (SSD)

Indiana employees who have a notable disability that physically restricts their ability to be employed are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. These benefits provide income to help disabled individuals. When it comes to obtaining these benefits, however, it can take some time.

Why do Social Security disability benefits take so long?

It’s been estimated that only 30% of all Social Security disability claims are approved on their initial submission. Many applicants end up filing appeals with the Social Security Administration before their claim is actually accepted. This can lead them to question whether they’re entitled to back pay for the time that their claim took to get accepted.

The filing date matters

When it comes to paying out back pay benefits, the Social Security Administration will take into account the date that a person filed their claim. If the claim is accepted either initially or after an appeals process, the individual will be entitled to back pay for any period after the initial waiting period. The initial waiting period is five full months. If it took six months from the time that a person submitted their claim until it was approved, they’ll be entitled to back pay for a total of one month.

How long do claims usually take?

Once a claim is submitted for Social Security disability benefits, it will take an average of 100 days for a decision to be made. There are a few exceptions to this period. Individuals diagnosed with terminal illnesses, conditions that are on the quick disability decision list or conditions that qualify for compassionate allowance are fast-tracked.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be extremely stressful. Understanding what you’re entitled to in the form of back pay can help to put your mind at ease about your benefits. When undergoing this process, it’s always a good idea to hire an attorney.