Are bicyclists at risk for collisions with cars?
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Are bicyclists at risk for collisions with cars?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Bicyclists may take to the road to engage in a healthy hobby or simply to get someplace. Bicyclists that share Indiana roads with cars and other vehicles must remain vigilant. A negligent driver could cause a crash, leading to severe injuries. Unfortunately, statistics show bicycle accidents appear to be increasing.

A shocking number of bicycle accidents

Statistics from 2018 reveal that a shocking 875 bicyclists died due to collisions with traffic. Even with safety gear, such as bicycle helmets, injuries and fatalities may still happen. Bicyclists might find certain conditions put them at greater risk.

Many bicycle-auto collisions occur between 6 pm and 9 pm, which tells a tale about the accidents. Rush hour presents a time when scores of cars crowd the roads. More vehicles, combined with bicycles and congested traffic, means a higher chance of a crash.

Heavy traffic alone presents worries. Additional troubling road conditions could make things worse and highly dangerous. “Mere nightfall” may reduce visibility for bicyclists, vehicles, and pedestrians. If the weather turns inclement, day or night, dangers on the road increase. Wet and slick roads come with hazards.

Liability and bicycle/car accidents

Negligence could play a role in a bicycle/vehicle incident. If a driver takes to the road at night with two broken headlights, the driver’s neglect may factor into an accident. Anyone who violates traffic rules, texts while driving, or drives while intoxicated might also face negligence claims. Auto liability insurance may cover the bicyclist’s losses.

What happens when a bicyclist gets hit by an uninsured motorist? It may be possible for the bicyclist to use his or her policy to file a claim. That is one option worth exploring in addition to a lawsuit.

Bicycle accidents may lead to insurance claims and lawsuits. A personal injury attorney might help bicyclists that suffer injuries.