Three key ways to avoid SSDI denial
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Three key ways to avoid SSDI denial

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Social Security Disability (SSD)

Whether people in need are new to the Social Security benefits process or they require a renewal for their regular care, having everything in order may help reduce the risk of denials. In the case of a benefit denial, having the right information can help with the appeals process.

According to the Social Security Administration’s annual statistical report on the Social Security Disability insurance program, more than 850,000 benefits terminated in 2018 for disabled workers. The reasons for these terminations and denials often involve improperly following the process.

Work through the proper forms

Applicants have to navigate through a variety of forms to file for SSDI benefits and they require submission within certain windows. The risk of denial may increase for every “i” not dotted and “t” not crossed. Missing a deadline or failing to pair proper documentation with medical evidence of any health condition muddles up the process.

Submit the proper evidence

The required medical evidence includes a doctor’s visit in the last year with their opinion regarding an applicant’s disability. Depending on the particular source of disability, more tests and proof may be necessary. As USA Today mentions, the government’s notion of disability involves “the inability to engage in substantial gainful activity due to a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that has lasted or is expected to last at least one year, or to result in death.”

Be diligent with updates and appeals

Recent years have seen increases in the need for SSDI as more of the baby boomers become eligible. This pressures the system and has led to long wait times extending into months or even years of people not receiving the assistance they need. Applicants can make sure to have resources, organization, and appeal support necessary to get approval for these benefits.