How can people prevent truck accidents?
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How can people prevent truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While the overall number of car accident fatalities has been steadily decreasing, truck accident fatalities in Indiana and throughout the country are on the rise. Every year, thousands of people die in truck accidents that could have been prevented. While it’s impossible to lay the blame on one group of people, everyone can pitch in to reduce the number of truck accidents on the road.

How can employers prevent truck accidents?

One way that employers can prevent motor vehicle accidents is by inspecting every potential employee before they’re allowed to drive for a company. They should do a full background check and make sure the individual has a legal license. Additionally, they should make sure their employee doesn’t have a history of drunk driving, DUIs or otherwise acting irresponsibly on the road.

Once an employee has been hired, their employers should monitor them and make sure they’re capable of driving for hours at a time. They should keep an eye out for any signs of drug or alcohol abuse and stay up to date on any health problems. They could even require their employees to undergo yearly physicals.

How can drivers prevent truck accidents?

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck accidents. To prevent truck accidents, drivers should take a 15-minute break every two hours. If their schedule doesn’t allow for breaks, they should talk to their supervisor. Meeting a deadline isn’t worth risking their life over.

Additionally, truckers should avoid speeding, even when they’re driving on back roads or rural roads. If they’re on a tight schedule, they might be tempted to speed to get to their destination quicker. But if they lose control of their vehicle, they could easily cause an accident. Truckers should obey the local speed limits and practice defensive driving techniques to prevent accidents.

Colliding with a large truck can result in catastrophic injuries for the people involved. A personal injury attorney may represent the victims of such an accident to help them pursue compensation for their losses.