Harvest season: things to keep in mind to avoid road accidents
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Harvest season: things to keep in mind to avoid road accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As the harvest season begins, many farmers across Indiana and Kentucky are stressing the importance of being safe around large farming vehicles. The unfortunate reality is that many people tend to be uninformed of the dangers within large farming areas of the country. A Vigo County farmer says that although he hasn’t been in an accident, he has been through some close calls. The man adds that a common occurrence in his area is cars coming up the road at very high speeds.

Harvest season to bring an influx of traffic

Although most farmers will use and store their large machinery at their properties, there are times when they will need to drive their vehicles on the road to reach other parts of their farms. The harvest causes a lot more farmers to be on the roads, and therefore, people driving near them should exercise extra precautions. Truck accidents are a common occurrence during these times due to people not taking into consideration that farmers may be on the roads.

Farmer recommendations

The owner of Hayhurst Farms states that people must understand that farming equipment cannot simply move out of the way in the event of a near collision. Most of these vehicles are too large and slow to maneuver quickly. This is important to understand because if you’re driving along at 60 miles per hour, and suddenly, you’re face to face with a large tractor, it will certainly seriously damage your vehicle.

Farmers do consider other drivers when driving on the roads. They will often move to the roadside to allow vehicles behind them to pass. Farmers and police departments recommend that drivers take the following precautions during harvest season. Leave for work a little bit earlier, so you won’t have to speed, and be patient and courteous as these people are simply trying to make a living for themselves.

Although taking precautions can certainly lower your risk of getting into a truck accident, it is important to have an attorney at the ready if you do.