Trust Your Future With Us

We Maximize Personal Injury Cases

We are experienced Kentuckiana trial lawyers who use cutting-edge technology to maximize your personal injury case results.

Trust Your Future With Us
We are experienced Kentuckiana trial lawyers who use cutting-edge technology to maximize personal injury case results.

Our Approach
To Personal Injury Cases

At Schad Law, we know that changing with the times is critical to continued success. Our cutting-edge technology means convenience and flexibility. Our capabilities include video chat, cloud storage, remote work, representation in different states, video depositions and creation of video settlement brochures. We also have a dedicated room for videoconferencing for your convenience.

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Verdicts And Settlements

Personal Injury

The attorneys at Schad Law, know how to tell your story to a judge and jury to gain empathy for your injuries. We know how to appeal to them to maximize results. Our experience includes valuing cases and convincing others of your case’s worth. 

Committed To Your
Social Security Disability
(SSD) Compensation

If you are coming to us for help, it’s likely because you are not getting the Social Security Disability (SSD) payments from the government that you are owed. We know you truly need that money. Your claims may have been cut off prematurely or denied altogether. We can act quickly on your behalf to seek what you are owed. We are committed to fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Client Reviews

“Social Security denied my claim at first but Sam & Larry stayed with me and fought through it. They had to sue the government, but we won!”
– Trent.

“The bad part about being hurt is that depressing helpless feeling. They did more than just get me a check, they lifted my head and encouraged me when I needed it most.”
– Samantha

“I’ve never seen someone keep their cool so well while under such tremendous intellectual stress. I was very impressed watching Matt during our trial.”
– Lee

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