The injuries from a trucking accident are often massive.  In a match between large trucks and cars, cars lose - and their occupants too often pay the ultimate price. For trucking accident victims, the personal and economic burdens can be overwhelming.

Because so many trucking accidents are severe, the government has created guidelines that trucking companies and their drivers must follow. They include:

• Controlling the amount of sleep truckers are required to get.
• Limiting the number of hours truckers can drive daily and weekly.
• Specifying highway following distances between trucks.

If you have had a loved one injured or killed in a trucking accident, hiring a trucking accident lawyer is a good way of letting insurance companies know just how serious you are about your trucking accident case.  Trucking accidents are complex and require the attention of attorneys with extensive trucking accident experience. Schad and Schad has been handling trucking accidents to the satisfaction of their clients for decades.