Saturday, April 30, 2016

The best campground in the Southern part of the forest is North Face campground at Celina Lake recreation area. 

Most attorneys love business travel because they get to bill for it.  They charge a couple hundred of bucks per hour and look forward to long trips by car or plane because their hour worked numbers are going to go up.  I don't charge for travel, so I sort of dread it, because all of the things that I know need to get done are piling up at the office. 

But - I try to have some fun with my travel.  I'll take a trip to somewhere boring and turn it into something interesting.  On Thursday I was in Evansville until pretty late.  Could have just driven home but instead I took the van and camped in Hoosier National Forest on my way back for a night, and fished Friday morning. 

Hoosier National Forest is, for Indiana, a vast swath of mostly undisturbed land bordering the Ohio River. It's not exactly majestic or awe inspiring, but the forest is deep and full of forest sounds and smells, and the campground is clean and well maintained.  Around the Tell City exit there are a few lakes, Tipsaw and Celina, that look like they could have some fish in them.  I fished Celina, but the recent rains had blown it out and there wasn't much to be had.  

I took care of some business and calls from the van on the way back home in the car, typical Friday afternoon light stuff.  If I had just driven back Thursday night I would have finished more work, but I'm glad I took the detour.