Over the years (and decades), we have come to realize that there is actually very little advice that a disabled individual can get before they apply for Social Security disability benefits.   As mentioned in a previous posting, we accept cases prior to the initial application for disability all the time, even in situations where there is a chance we might not get reimbursed for our efforts.

We would much rather speak with our clients before they apply.  It gives a better understanding of the issues impacting the claim as well as a better opportunity to develop the case before that all-important first decision by the SSA. 

When should you call us?

  • While you are still working and need some advice on how to make as smooth a transition to disability benefits as possible.
  • When you are still in a managed care facility, or an extended stay in the hospital.
  • Immediately following a severe episode that results in an overall decline of your condition on a permanent basis.

We'll ask the hard questions you may not be able to ask you yourself, and we'll do it as kindly as possible.  Sometimes it's not the right time to file for benefits.  But then again, it just might be.  We'll weigh all your options, together, and decide what is best for you.

Just drop us a line.  With decades of experience, there are few questions that we haven't heard.