A variety of challenges face you when you make a claim for disability. There are so many, that we won't even begin to list them here. However, we will take a moment to list one of the most inane:

Imagine that you have waited 18 months and suffered multiple denials of your claim. A hearing is set up, but you are not informed of the Judge that will preside over your claim. As a matter of fact, you will not know who your Judge is until just minutes before your hearing. 

When the SSA implemented this policy at the end of 2011, we were somewhat amused. There was no way such an indignity would persist. However, it has. 

In the age of "transparency," this policy is an absolute travesty. We urge anyone reading this to contact their Congressman or Senator and demand that this ridiculous policy be abolished. The sooner the better. If you need a list of talking points, just post here!