Kelly Lorch

Social Security Case Manager

Kelly Lorch has been with Schad and Schad since 2010.  Prior to Schad and Schad, she began her legal career as Special Programs Coordinator for the prosecutor of Floyd County, Indiana. In her five years in this position, she ran the Diversion program, as well as the bad check and ticket deferral programs.

As our Social Security Case Manager, Kelly assists Larry and Sam Schad with all aspects of our SSD and SSI caseload. Kelly handles initial disability applications, fields client inquiries, and handles all aspects of client appeals. As her knowledge base has expanded, Kelly has become the "problem-solver-in-chief" for our clients.  Like Sam, she is also a fiend for process, and takes special care in ensuring that all case details are handled properly and consistently throughout  the life of a claim.  

More about Kelly

Ask any of our clients, and they will be the first to tell you:  Kelly is one of the most empathetic and patient people you will ever meet.  A mother of two and wife of local attorney Matthew Lorch, Kelly understands the legal field and thrives in it!

Kelly is a wonderful portrait photographer.  She's also a recent devotee of running, and along with Ms. Beverly Blanton, inspires us daily to be more active and healthy.  Thanks Kelly!